Our People Make It Possible

It is hard to define Tekfen Engineering in 3 words but if I had to these words could be:

Confidence, Experience, Technology


Senior Roadway & Drainage Design Engineer

Can you tell us about your Tekfen Engineering journey?

I have been working for Tekfen Engineering since the January 2015; more than 5 years passed so quickly. As a design engineer I worked only 1 year in the head office, but I spent the rest of this period in Qatar projects, which are the most challenging projects and times of my life in all aspects.

I have worked both in design, construction, as-built, handover and coordination parts of these projects. During this period, I improved my design and as well as my management skills so I can define this is the most efficient part of my professional life.

What are the things that you are most proud of and your motivation in doing your job?

My first and the biggest motivation is; to work as a part of the biggest engineering company of Turkey which keeps growing with more institutional manner all around the world. I am really proud to be a part of this company`s improvement.

My company increase my self-confidence always by supporting me in each and every step that I take abroad. At every time I had been faced with any problem, my company always had the experience to support and provided me the light in the tunnel.

Also, I can state that my other motivation to work for Tekfen Engineering from the social perspective; this company always have the attitude to stand behind any engineer or technician by giving their rights, salaries, allowances etc. always on time. This situation provides confidence to all workers no matter she or he does a physical or intellectual job.

Can you define Tekfen Engineering with 3 words?

It is hard to define Tekfen Engineering in 3 words but if I had to these words could be: Confidence, Experience, Technology

Where do you see your job in company’s mission?

Tekfen Engineering has become a multi-disciplinary engineering company gaining its strength from its experienced staff and inter-disciplinary working environment.

International projects constitute a significant part of the Company`s mission. Regarding this I can see that our position as a part of Qatar Projects we are gaining international experience and know-how to share with all our colleagues, so this is the most important part of our mission.

Group Leader, Project Control


Engineer, Civil and Structural


Engineer, Instrumentation and Control Systems