Instrument and Control department offers a full range of Instrumentation and Control Systems services including Feasibility and Front End Studies, project estimating, system analysis, basic and detailed engineering design, hardware and software engineering design, weak current systems, telecoms, industrial robots and robot software, procurement, site installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning, test and start up activities and hand-over the systems.

Instrument and Control department designs Control Systems and Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) which are compliant to all aspects of the IEC standard and upon client’s needs and requests with latest technology and developments. We offer design engineering solutions, varying from small PLC systems to more complex systems DCS/SCADA/SIS applications.

Digitalisation group offers increasing profitability, reduced costs and higher productivity of the industrial plants by using IOT and Industry 4.0 applications.

Our instrumentation and Control engineering department have experiences and capabilities are as listed but not limited as follows;

I&C System Specifications and Data Sheets

  • Data Sheets and Instrument calculations      
  • Job Specifications       
  • Cable Way, Cabling Systems and Accessories       
  • Weak Current System      
  • Telecoms  
  • Fire and Gas Detection System     
  • Vibration and Machine Monitoring System       
  • HVAC Control System

Control and Safety System Design

  • PLC/DCS/SIS/SCADA Specification
  • Systems Architecture & Configuration      
  • Control Panel Design    
  • Programming of Control System  
  • Signal List    
  • Control Narratives, Logic diagram, Shutdown logic / interlock diagrams      
  • HMI Display
  • Control Philosophy and Loop Descriptions

Detail Engineering

  • 3D model with 2D extraction       
  • Installation Hook Up Details      
  • Wiring Diagrams (Loop, Junction Box)      
  • Instrument / Cable / Coil List / Conduit Schedules    
  • Control and Panel Room Layouts     
  • Cable and Cable Tray Routing   
  • Instruments and JB Locations Layouts   
  • Instrument Air Distrubition Layouts     
  • HVAC System Drawings


  • Material Requisition  
  • Technical Bid Evaluation      
  • FAT & SAT       
  • Vendor Follow Up

Site Engineerings

  • Procedures for site activities   
  • Installation Supervision    
  • Cold and Hot Loop Check      
  • Functional Check      
  • Pre-Commissioning       
  • Test and Commissioning     
  • Start Upp and Hand Over

Instrumentation and Control works in scope of urban rail transit systems

  • Signalization and train control system    
  • CCTV systems      
  • PSD (Passenger screen door) system      
  • Passenger ticketing systems        
  • Communication systems (telephone, radio, announce)       
  • SCADA & SIMS systems     
  • On board CCS    
  • Passenger information systems

Design Softwares

  • Aveva Instrumentation, Aveva
  • Engineering, Aveva 3D      
  • Smart Plant Instrumentation, Smart Plant 3D  
  • MSOffice 
  • Microstation & Autocad   
  • Conval      
  • Instrucalc