Transportation and Infrastructure Projects:

In the final design of transportation projects, optimum designs are developed by taking into account the criteria of cost, duration, related Engineering Standards and practices, and ease of construction, where both the client and public interests are carefully preserved. Detailed design documents are then produced for construction.

Industrial Projects:

Tekfen Engineering’s Detailed Engineering activities start mainly as based on completed and frozen basic engineering or FEED. Alternately, for small and non-complicated projects, instead a separate prior engineering phase as basic engineering or FEED, engineering can be started by performing the initial phases and carried out seamlessly to cover up to end of the detailed engineering. 

Approval of the prior engineering package before starting the detailing, serves to freezing the principal engineering-design parameters and plant configuration that have been worked out until then. This is necessary to minimize costly and time taking step backs and re-doings during detailed engineering.

Compared to previous engineering phases, detailed engineering forms the largest part of the entire engineering efforts in terms of engineering hours and number of engineering deliverables.

Detailed engineering is performed for subsequent materialization of the project physically at the jobsite to have the plant built and started up. Almost all requisitions for supply of equipment and materials are prepared during the early periods of this stage, with often the exclusions of long delivery items that need to be requisitioned much earlier due to delivery time concerns. Detailed engineering specifies the material supply, manufacturing and construction to the highest level of detail required, for enabling vendors and construction contractors to proceed correctly and efficiently with their works. In other words, it basically addresses in all engineering disciplines:


  • Supplying of equipment items, system packages and bulk material
  • Performing field fabrication and construction      
  • Pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup of the plant  
  • Plant operation and maintenance

Tekfen Engineering uses integrated 3D modelling approach in almost all projects that are either greenfield or brownfield. For brownfield plants, laser scanning techniques are to be additionally used for determining and recording digitally the existing plant systems and components. The 3D model provides:   

  • Unique project database to prevent information loss    
  • A clear visual tool showing what the plant will look like when completed        
  • A suitable tool for commenting on the design by way of model reviews and walk through sessions        
  • Identifying and correcting clashes that may arise from normal human mistakes    
  • Extracting 2D drawings such as layouts and piping isometrics as well as material lists

Detailed engineering is made up of complicated bundles of activities, needed for specifying the detailed plant set up and for facilitating material supply, fabrications, construction and operation of the plant. It consists of calculations, simulations, evaluations, reports, 2D/3D designs, drawings, data sheets, requisitions, specifications and material take offs for realizing the entire tangible requirements of the project to be materialized at the jobsite. It is this phase of engineering that the actual data of materials and equipment supplied for the project is incorporated in the design for achieving “for construction” level of documentation. 

Engineering and design for industrial plants require collaboration and coordination of a variety of engineering disciplines and integration of different trades of

design in the work. Process plant projects are usually more complicated than other industrial plant projects and necessitate notable amount of process engineering work, major part of which is performed during the beginning of the project.

All the engineering disciplines required to perform detailed engineering of industrial/process plant projects work side by side under one roof at Tekfen Engineering Company’s İstanbul Headquarters. These are, namely: 


  • Process engineering       
  • Process safety engineering      
  • Instrumentation and controls 
  • Piping engineering and design
  • Static equipment engineering and design
  • Rotating equipment engineering      
  • HVAC, plumbing and firefighting engineering and design       
  • Material selection engineering       
  • Architectural, civil and structural engineering and design       
  • Geotechnical engineering       
  • Electrical engineering and design