Tunnels and Geotechnical Works Department studies the basic soil mechanics principles and use them for the design and analyses of the slopes, retaining walls, foundations and tunnels. With reference to code of practice, used in industry. Due to complex and heterogeneous nature of the soils and rocks, straightforward methods do not apply to geotechnical engineering, therefore significant engineering judgement is needed. We analyze, interpret and design various cases, and monitor them day-to-day basis where required. Our field of design activities include conceptual, preliminary and final design stages as well as individual case assessment reports. We also work in design and construction supervision of

various projects.

Design and supervision services for:

  • Geological studies    
  • Soil investigations 
  • Laboratory and in-situ testing      
  • Soil and rock engineering
  • 3D geotechnical analyses
  • Shallow and deep foundation systems     
  • Seismic design 
  • Liquefaction analysis and remediation      
  • Landslide monitoring and remediation      
  • Slope stability   
  • Retaining systems    
  • Tunnel portals     
  • Soft Soil and Rock tunneling      
  • Shaft Design   
  • NATM and TBM tunnel design 
  • Off-shore geotechnics
  • Value engineering