Plant Layout&Piping Department is one of the major/pioneering departments of Tekfen Engineering with the services provided. Tekfen Engineering fully complies to international codes and standards to be referred for a given project depends on client preferences and local regulations.

All systems are analysed using latest stress analysis software in such a manner that no detrimental stresses occurs and all systems are supported properly to avoid their structural failures.

Plant Layout & Piping Department’s end-to-end solution capabilities are listed as follows;

Plant Design

  • Preparation of Conceptual Design, FEED and Detail Design Work
  • Piping Material Spec. Preparation
  • Piping Material Take-Off (MTO)
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D Drafting
  • Job Specifications (Typical Piping Detail, Support Standards, Branch Connection etc.)
  • Overall Plot Plans, Scope Layout Studies, Equipment Layouts, Piping Layouts, Isometrics and the Relevant Piping Drawings.
  • Jacketed Pipe Design.
  • Balance of Plant Design.
  • Pipeline Engineering
  • Fire Fighting System Calculations and Piping Design.

Piping Flexibility and Stress Analysis

  • Piping Code Compliance Stress Analysis Studies
  • Anchor and Restraint Design Studies Including the Sizing and Selection of Spring Hangers.
  • Buried Pipeline Stress Analysis Studies
  • Vibrating Piping System Studies
  • Earthquake and Wind Simulation Studies              
  • Pressure Relief Piping System Simulation Studies
  • Data Sheets and Specifications (Piping Flexibility, Shock Absorbers, Expansion Joints etc.)
  • Special Pipe Support Design   
  • Pipe Support MTO

Piping Engineering and Design Softwares

  • PIPENET (For Fire Fighthening Systems Hyrdaulic calculations)