Tekfen Engineering’s engineering disciplines take part in basic engineering activities to produce the information about the key project requirements, including the process-related ones as well as the ones related to other engineering disciplines.

Basic engineering focus on the basis of design and key configurations for the entire engineering of the plant and includes:

  • Basis of design, engineering philosophies and basic design deliverables such as flow diagrams, single lines, etc., for all engineering disciplines including, instrumentation and controls, electrical, piping, rotating and static equipment, mechanical systems, architectural, civil, structural as well as process and process safety
  • Extended process engineering package accompanied by process issue of P&IDs, heat and material balances, basic information on utilities and preliminary equipment data sheets      
  • Preliminary plot plan, layouts and equipment list     
  • Specifications for materials to be used and produced in the process, such as raw materials, side products, products, operating supplies and catalysts as well as emissions and wastes to be given off by the process
  • Specifications for materials of construction, such as piping material specification

The package often refers to a geotechnical report and site mapping prepared earlier by others for the plant site.