Achieving safety on site and reliability of operation relies on design of equipment. With this approach in mind, Technology Department provides detailed engineering services in multiple disciplines, including static equipment (pressure vessels, tanks, heat exchangers ), rotating equipment (pumps, compressors) and material science. 

Equipment that will provide high head & capacity or contain high pressure & temperature in critical services, like corrosion, wet H2S, hydrogen, caustic or similar, are engineered according to international standards,

codes and regulations, based on customers specifications and operation requirements, being aware of safety and reliability. To achieve that, following studies could be accomplished.

  • Equipment Datasheet
  • Preliminary Engineering Drawing (for static equipment)
  • Material Requisition
  • Technical Evaluation
  • Vendor Follow-Up

Additional to equipment disciplines, material science studies are listed as the following :

  • Material selection
  • Determining corrosion protection
  • Preparing pipe material specifications & valve datasheets according to FEED
  • Preparing material selection diagrams as per PFDs
  • Controlling line list & PIDs for specs
  • Controlling dimensions, material for pipes & fittings procurement
  • Controlling material, parts, test for valve procurement

Works in scope of urban rail transit systems :

  • Elevators and escalators  
  • Station public and non-public areas ventilations    
  • Tunnel ventilations      
  • Tunnel fire extinguishing and warning systems        
  • Plumbing (storm water, wastewater and domestic water systems)       
  • Sewage and drainage systems

Practicing above studies at best skills allows Technology Department to be reliable engineering partner for all sides regarding to industrial plant projects.

Technology Department Softwares

  • HTRI-Xchanger Package
  • Ametank
  • Aveva P&ID and Engineering
  • Compress Pressure Vessel Design
  • AutoCAD