Our clients rely on Tekfen Engineering’s experience to adequately define their project requirements before initiating a capital investment. Our front-end engineering and design (FEED) teams, with experience gained providing FEED services to Clients especially in Oil&Gas and Petrochemical projects prepare high quality FEED package which leads to a smooth transition to the detailed engineering phase, as well as for achieving a higher precision in capital cost estimating. It is the front end of the remaining efforts, not only for the engineering, but also for the other functions, like equipment and material supply.

FEED is the typical type of package normally used in requests for proposals for EPC LSTK bids, as it allows bidders to develop an EPC grade cost estimate, with a relatively much less risk of underestimating or overestimating at such early stages of a

project. Additionally, issuing RFPs based on a FEED package would greatly increase the chances of receiving good and comparable proposals by the clients.

All engineering disciplines of Tekfen take part in preparation of FEED packages for industrial/process plant projects.

More specifically, FEED packages typically contain the following:    

  • Basic Engineering and Design Data
  • Basis of design for each of the engineering disciplines involved     
  • Process and Utility Flow Diagrams    
  • P&IDs     
  • Process & Interlock Description; Cause and Effect Diagrams     
  • Control Philosophy
  • Fluid List
  • Estimated Utility consumptions    
  • Definition of raw materials, chemicals, etc.      
  • Definition of effluents    
  • Preliminary HAZOP     
  • Preliminary Equipment List       
  • Preliminary Instrument List       
  • Specification for Material of Construction including Piping Material Specification     
  • Geotechnical Report and Site Mapping  
  • Preliminary Plot Plan        
  • Preliminary Equipment Layouts     
  • Piping Scope Layout     
  • Preliminary Electrical Single Line Diagram     
  • Preliminary Electrical Load List        
  • Job Specifications       
  • Requisitions for Long Delivery Items       
  • Vendor List       
  • Project Execution Plan (PEP)      
  • Preliminary Project Schedules