EPC or Design Build Projects are difficult and challenging, and each project carry large-degree risks. Clients must look for reliable and experienced solution partners when managing projects. Even one delay or mistake in any of the thousands of different inter-linked project tasks results in major project delays and budget overruns. With the financial stakes so high in today’s world, every phase of a project must be managed and controlled diligently by experienced and highly skilled professionals.

At Tekfen Engineering, we provide project management and construction management services for on-shore and off-shore oil and gas facilities, power plants, pipelines, industrial plants and terminals, transportation, structure and infrastructure, renewable energy solutions and agricultural facilities.

Tekfen Engineering helps Clients to reduce the uncertainty and risk in their projects. Our managers review every detail of projects, set plans and priorities, manage and control each process and identify and resolve problems in an analytical method. We offer project management and construction management professionals with expertise based upon the unique needs of Clients.

As a big advantage, Tekfen Engineering project management teams are backed up by a highly-experienced design professionals so that Clients will be confident to rely upon technical solutions, alternative methods or alternative materials discussed, negotiated and finalized on the construction field between Client and contracting parties, thus eliminating major technical risks on the field.

As an experienced engineering firm in project management, which is a part of a large degree international contracting group established in 1956, Tekfen Engineering provides Clients with appropriate subcontracting strategies, and Tekfen Engineering will identify all the potential trouble spots and make reports and recommendations for elimination or mitigation of such commercial risks on the field.

Furthermore, Tekfen Engineering will provide detailed reporting for Client’s technical and financial monitoring of the project performance.

Our services under Project Management Services briefly include:

  • Master Project Planning and Management
  • Scheduling / Critical Path Analysis
  • Cost estimating, Budget Preparation and Reporting
  • Design Coordination and Management / Supervision
  • Subcontracting Strategies
  • Subcontracts Management
  • Change Order Management
  • Procurement Services including Technical and Commercial Bid Evaluations
  • Logistics and Expediting
  • Third Party Inspection Coordination
  • Document Management
  • Reporting

Our services under Construction Management / Supervision Services briefly include:

  • Construction Planning and Management for:
  • Civil Works
  • Building Works
  • Steel Works
  • Mechanical Equipment Erection Works
  • Piping Works
  • Welding Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Instrumentation Works
  • Commissioning Works  
  • Quality Management
  • HSE Management