Tekfen Engineering is a global professional services provider to the oil and gas sector. We deliver high-quality design, project management and engineering services for upstream, midstream & downstream projects, especially for oil refineries.

Knowledge of the latest technologies and our ability to identify sustainable, integrated and cost-effective solutions have enabled us to foster long-term relationships with our clients.

Our long track record of onshore upstream projects includes:

• Oil and gas terminals, oil processing systems and refineries, gas treatment and processing facilities

• Brownfield and greenfield development

• Brownfield plant upgrade

• Gas compression and transmission

• Pipelines

• Storage terminals (crude, products and chemicals)

• Process engineering and optimization

• Utilities and offsite

• Flare emission reduction

We can blend disciplines to deliver projects, regardless of scale, from feasibility to completion:

• Feasibility studies/conceptual design

• Basic design/front-end engineering design

• Detailed design and engineering

• Procurement services

• Safety studies (HAZOP, SIL, 3-D modelling, EIA, etc.)

• Construction management

• Field engineering

Our oil and gas portfolio includes:

  • Samir Refinery Upgrade Project, Morocco
  • Tüpraş Kırıkkale Refinery CDU/VDU Revamp Project, Turkey
  • Enhancement of Export Facility, Eight Crude Oil Tanks, Kuwait
  • Tüpraş İzmit Refinery Unicracker, Hydrocracker and Associated Units, Turkey
  • Tüpraş İzmit Refinery Resin Upgrade Project, Turkey
  • Tüpraş Import Diesel Oxygen Stripping Project, Turkey
  • Tüpraş İzmir & İzmit Refineries Kerosene Treating Plant, Turkey